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Requires .NET 5, .Net Framework 4.0, .Net Core 2.0, or .NET Standard, running on Windows, Mac, Linux
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Increase your barcode capabilities with the bespoke software solution C# PDF OCR. This easy-to-use application from IronSoftware allows you to read text and barcodes from images. Imagine the time you will save your shipping and handling departments by reducing the number of documents they have to manually enter into databases, shipping manifests, or inventory collections. Instead, all the collected info can be spit out in plain text or structured data. You can view the program basics at https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/ocr/.

C# PDF OCR is a simplified and streamlined piece of software that can be easily integrated into most development projects. It saves you and your team time and resources by eliminating the need for bulky third-party applications that tend to not integrate well with bespoke software development. This is a program designed to work with C#, F#, and VB.Net running on .Net 5, Core, Standard, or Framework, depending on your tech stack.

Now you can scan thousands of images for the necessary information your team and end-users need and have that data transformed into easy-to-read PDF documents for safe storage and reference. This frees up the attention of human assets by automating a process that would have otherwise taken them away from customer-facing duties.

With C# PDF OCR, your project build will be able to support over 125 international languages and output data in plain text, structured, or searchable PDFs. There are bespoke capabilities for working with multi-page TIFFs and most other significant image file formats instead of having to run everything through a converter before it can be appropriately viewed. That kind of customization allows remote workers from all countries and industries to communicate using the same base tools.

To learn more about C# PDF OCR or download a copy for yourself, please visit https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/ocr/docs/questions/csharp-pdf-ocr/.

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