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StudyProf Lernkartei

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StudyProf Lernkartei

StudyProf Flash Cards is a modern study software which you can use to create, manage and study flash cards and study cards on your PC. StudyProf uses modern learning techniques to help you memorize any kind of information, facts, dates, vocabulary words you need to prepare for your next test at school, your next final at university or simply for business life.StudyProf has been created to help all those who have to learn and prepare for tests, finals or simply for work. It comes with a powerful built-in editor to create convincing and attractive flash cards that are easy to remember and make studying a worthwhile and entertaining experience. StudyProf will be an indispensable everyday tool for students, teachers, professors and professionals.StudyProf lets you create and manage flash cards (front and back sides). In addition, it comes with a modern study technique: the Leitner cardbox principle, which helps you learn and memorize your flash cards easily and regularly. In this way you'll always be best prepared for upcoming finals, tests, examinations and for work.For creating flash cards with StudyProf you can rely on all text formatting tools of a modern word processing software. Additionally, you can insert images and pictures, diagrams, Wordä documents and Excelä spreadsheets with just a click.To make sure you keep up with regular studying, the built-in study calender lets you schedule and organize your daily study sessions. Scheduling a study session for an important stack of cards that you need to study for your upcoming final next week or just reviewing the flash cards of yesterday's study session - it's all possible and done by just a click. Moreover, if you fail to review or study a file scheduled, StudyProf will notify you and ask you to keep up with the work missed.To gain an overview of all the stacks created, StudyProf comes with a file manager that lets you delete, copy, rename and organize your card stacks.

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