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Auto Shutdown Pro II

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Phone +63-44-796-3629
System Utilities / Automation Tools
Win XP / Vista
Microsoft Windows. No dependencies for Microsoft supported operating systems.
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Auto Shutdown Pro II

The software is an automation launcher for scheduling of multiple events to shutdown, hibernate, or sleep your computer based upon triggers of time, mouse or keyboard idle, a countdown of time, busy or idle CPU, heat, and with mobile computers battery charge.

Based upon your criteria the system will eliminate your computer being left on when no one is using it. Reducing unproductive usage saves electricity and produces longer computer life. User's can set up shutdowns, hibernation, or restarts exceptions which delay till a download ends or while critical programs run. Likewise events can terminate or start programs. An optional countdown dialog enables users to skip, delay, or cancel scheduled events in the last minute before activation. Users can add or edit an unlimited number of scheduled.

User's can specify specific blocks of time where no one can use their computer. This parental control keeps children off the computer after bedtime. Professionals' value blocked time because this security feature protects stored confidential documents from being stolen from their computers while away from the office even if the thief has the computer's password.

Timed events can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, annually, once, and also blocked time. The following scheduled tasks are supported: Timed, duration as a countdown, idle, busy, heat, insufficient battery power, sleep, power on, restart, log off, lock, hibernate, turn off a monitor, launch or terminate any program, open and display a file, open a URL, and show a message. Network Administrators may with a single schedule hosted on their Internet web site administrate the task schedules of computer groups of any size.

This software works in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP, for both 32 and 64 bit environments. The software is available in 66 languages with internal tutorials. The program is perfect for work stations, laptops, notebooks, or Windows based tablets for home or office use.


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Comments on Auto Shutdown Pro II

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Pastor Burt of Malolos wrote on 2013-01-10:
Auto Shutdown, Free or Pro II, save …:

Auto Shutdown Free, a freeware program, and Auto Shutdown Pro II, shareware program. Both are computer management utilities by the same manufacturer that will double the life expectancy of a computer while saving electricity. Both handles shutdowns, sleeps, power on, restarts, log offs, locks, hibernation or turning off the monitor. The system will launches or terminates programs, opens files or URLs. Scheduled triggers are time, duration as a countdown of time, idle, or power.

Both programs are essentially 85% the same. The Free version has five less features than the Pro version: (1) Action Schedules, (2) Blocked Time, (3) Busy Shutdown, (4) Heat Shutdown, and (5) Program Launching. These 5 features are only available in the Pro version, and in no other shutdown program in the world. The Free version however has more features than any other shutdown program in the world, including the shareware products that would otherwise cost you money.

Blocked Time, a feature in only the Pro version, may well be a feature of sufficient value for many users to eventually justify purchasing the additional licensing to upgrade the Free version to Pro version. With Blocked Time you can set "blocks" of times that you don't want the computer to be used by anyone. You can set morning block time and evening block time, and in each one define the start and end time that you want this feature to prevent your computer from running. Even if someone turns on the computer during those hours, even with the computer’s password, Blocked Time will shut down your computer immediately after Windows starts. This serves as a Parental Control to keep your kids off the computer past their bedtime, and as a security feature to protect confidential documents from theft while you are away from your computer.

It is also possible to have the program shutdown the computer if you set a timer, a stopwatch, or by checking the CPU usage. Overheating and low battery levels are another event where Auto Shutdown can shut down your computer too.

Other kinds of scheduled actions can be performed too: you can launch or terminate a program, open a file or a URL, or display a custom message. All these events can be scheduled either by using the Timer or the Duration method. The “Pro” for Auto Shutdown Free users is that they have a clear ability to upgrade at any time. If a user installs the Pro version but then does not purchase a license during the 30 day trial, the Pro version then simply gracefully degrades to Auto Shutdown Free and continues working. The point is, users will no longer be forced into accepting some other manufacturer’s second rate shutdown program with far less features, because now you get the same high level quality, support, and most of the features with the Auto Shutdown Free, the freeware version, that was earlier only available in Auto Shutdown Pro II.

The effort made by this application's developer is enormous, and it really paid off. Neither program have cons, in terms of being programs. Both programs are highly polished. The initial small installer examines your computer to determine whether the CPU is 32 or 64 bit, and what version of Windows you are running; the actual install program and needed libraries for both varies based upon your computer's setup. The first small install programs for either version then queues up the precise main install program and libraries needed for your computer, and begins to download them. The “con” of either version is that these secondary downloads will take likely 12 to 15 minutes. These programs are actually a very serious unified comprehensive system that enables you to intelligently minimize computer wear and tear, expense and electricity. If your time is so priceless that you don’t have the patience to download a high quality program that will save you real money, then neither Auto Shutdown programs are for you. If "saving" is your goal, then either the Pro of Free version are the only programs you need consider. The "con" thus is the time required for the total download. If you pay that price and use either of these two systems then the result is a priceless automation system for your computer.

Auto Shutdown Pro II and Auto Shutdown Free are very serious highly polished computer systems which enables users to minimize wear and tear on their computers, save electricity, and thus gain both a capital and operational financially savings which in time will far exceed the cost of the computers themselves. There is no learning curve for either programs operation because both programs have a self-passed tutorial that guides your precisely, step by step, as to which options to use and why. A human voice actually advises you what to do. The program is simple to use, and elegantly designed.

Both programs can be run in any of 66 different languages, which entails 98.4% of the world's literate population. The voice which advises you as you run these programs is always in English. But if you are running either the Pro or Free program in a language other than English, there appears simultaneously the same tutorial in that alternate language much as you would expect subtitles for a movie. These are a global program to solve an operational problem common to all computers: PC, laptops, and notebooks.

These programs themselves are an automation shutdown launcher utility. Is this a shutdown program? Yes, but it does a lot more than merely act as a shutdown program. Auto Shutdown Pro II and Auto Shutdown Free have really extended functionality and can be used for various purposes. Both also look out for your computer's safety in several ways, and makes sure that your computer will remain turned off when it should be.

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