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Guitar strum patterns

Guitar strum patterns. Free guitar lessons. Basic right hand technique for strumming. Strumming patterns. Tips on Guitar Accompaniment I'm having problems with my strumming patterns for different songs. I'm pretty much stuck More…

Brutal Wars

Brutal Wars is a turn-based war strategy that challenges you to hone your strategic skills on the battlefield displayed on your Pocket PC. Your objective is to protect your land from the onslaught of the enemy. The game offers 40 different military units, diverse maps, campaign, single-player and multiplayer modes. Additionally, you have an ability to save your current game, transfer it to your Pocket PC or desktop PC and continue to play. More…

Crazy Pentomino

There are twelve ways to combine 5 squares, with the exception of rotations and turn arounds. These twelve ways give the twelve pentominoes. The point of the game is to make copies of given patterns, using the twelve pentominoes. If you succeed to find an unknown solution, your name is inserted in the solution list. More…

Billionaire II

Billionaire II is a new thrilling and exciting business game where only the BIG money makers win! Through clever business, shrewd acquisitions, fast and furious killings in shares and bonds, you gradually build up your fortune. The first one to become a Billionaire wins! More…

Battle Rush:Tanks

The Elefun Company presents a new game named Battle Rush:Tanks! The
game is based on the well-known and well-loved Battle City game, now
with 3D technologies. The action takes place in the arena, where you
and your enemy appear. You drive a tank, and your aim is to destroy all
enemy tanks and defend your base from annihilation. More…


Mit Puzzle k?nnen alle Puzzle-Freunde ihr Hobby nun auch am Computer aus?ben. W?hlen Sie Ihr Lieblingsmotiv (z.B. von Ihren Foto-CD?s). Das Bild wird in bis zu 280 Teile zerpuzzelt.
Die Bedienung des Programms ist denkbar einfach. Wie bei einem richtigen Puzzlespiel m?ssen Sie die einzelnen Teile suchen, in die Hand nehmen und an die korrekte Position legen.
Viele Optionen, verschiedene Schwierigkeitsgrade usw. More…