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Connection Manager PRO

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Category:Communications / Dial Up & Connection Tools
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Connection Manager PRO

Laptop Magazine Editors? Choice for September 2005. Laptop calls it a ?must have? program for mobile professionals. ?The chief advantage or using Connection Manager PRO is that it seamlessly enables your preset profile for the type of connection it detects, giving you the freedom to think about other things?The program works elegantly with GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, or CDMA cell phone connections?If you happen to get stuck in an area without 802.11, you can set your phone to work as a modem and make the physical (or Bluetooth) connection. Once you do, Connection Manager PRO will switch to your phone connection. There are no other settings to worry about? Overall the power and simplicity of Avanquest Software?s Connection Manager Pro make it a top pick for those who jump from connection to connection.? Connection Manager Pro detects available networks and automates the creation and management of connection and security settings, giving you seamless migration between Wi-Fi , cellular and LAN networks with VPN connection support. Connection Manager Pro makes it easy to use your cell phone as a modem, saving you the complex process of configuring the connection yourself. It includes pre-configured settings from 233 major cell phone carriers in 61 countries worldwide. Connection Manager Pro easily manages your access points across every commercially available network deployed today: WiFi, cell phone (GSM --GPRS, UMTS and EDGE; CDMA: 1xRTT, eVDO, TDMA, WCDMA) business Ethernet (DSL and cable) or standard modems. Also manages IP, printer and email settings. Connection Manager Pro optimizes security parameters and authenticates the latest WPA and WPA2 encryption protocols in addition to 64 and 128-bit WEP keys. Secures third party VPN support to enforce IT policies and maintain corporate security. Connection Manager Pro is the ideal utility for wireless networking: VPN connections, Wi-Fi hotspots, laptop wireless Internet access or network connection troubleshooting.

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