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Rhino Terminal

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Phone:+7 (834) 223-1788
Facsimile:+7 927 276 3008
Category:Network & Internet / Terminal & Telnet Clients
8.71 MB
Win 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
512 MB memory, TCP/IP stack installed
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Rhino Terminal

Rhino Terminal is a full-featured, convenient, and easy-to-use terminal emulation client. With Rhino Terminal you receive a flexible tool for accessing remote hosts and network devices via the TELNET and SSH protocols. Clear user interface, scripting technology and ability to connect and log on to a remote host with a single mouse click make your work productive and comfortable.

WinAgents Rhino Terminal advantages:

- Support of multiple simultaneous sessions in tabs;
- Quick access to a remote host;
- Support of SSH, TELNET and Serial communication protocols;
- Emulation of different terminal types: ANSI, VT52, VT100, VT220, Linux, XTerm;
- RouterTweak technology - visual editing for configuration files of network devices manufactured by Cisco Systems;

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