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Rainbow piano

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Rainbow piano

Rainbow piano for kids

The Rainbow piano game is specially designed for small kids. Actually, it's one of the best online music games for kids colorful, simple, educative, and fun.

This free online music flash game offers new possibilities of teaching music to small kids. Usually, remembering and recognizing notes is a big problem for small kids during piano lessons. Children get bored, confused, and don't understand what they should do. Many of them begin to wish to drop out of their piano lessons. With Rainbow piano game, to remember all the notes on the piano keyboard octave becomes a simple task. Rainbow piano is specially designed to help your child to learn music notes through amusement.

How do we play this online piano game? It's very simple. On the screen, we see a piano octave with notes written on piano keys. Each key is painted its own color, so that's why the game is called Rainbow piano. The kid can either click keys with the help of a mouse, or use keyboard. Each time he/she strikes a virtual key, a corresponding sound will be played.

Below the octave, there is a color panel with changing colors. The kid will have to look at the color panel and each time press the same button as shown on the color panel. If he/she does everything correctly, a tune is played.

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