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Data Logger Suite SMS Edition

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E-Mail:info1 [at] aggsoft [dot] com
Kategorie:Kommunikation / Sonstige Tools
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Win 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
GSM modem or cell phone
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Data Logger Suite SMS Edition

Data Logger Suite SMS Edition receives and logs in real-time SMS messages to a database, text files or Excel. This SMS server software can send SMS from a database back to a phone number.
One program can work with several GSM modems simultaneously. Once Data Logger Suite captures serial data, it can store them in any database, including MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Access, dBase or any other ODBC-compatible database.

Data Logger Suite can work as a service on Windows NT- Windows 7, which means that users can log on and off the Windows, but the program will still be there collecting your information.

Data Logger Suite features an easy to comprehend, thoroughly illustrated interface and therefore it doesn't require any special knowledge to start using it.

Good functionality and power at a very affordable price!

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