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SunRav WEB Class

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E-Mail:info [at] sunrav [dot] ru
Telefon:(383) 3554823
Telefax:(383) 3554823
Kategorie:Lernen / Computer
10,91 MB
Win 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
Apache WEB or MS IIS Server, PHP 5 and above, MySQL 4.1 and above
Sprachen:Deutsch, Englisch
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SunRav WEB Class

SunRav WEB Class is a comprehensive software bundle that offers modules for creating test, taking them and processing the results. Importantly, implementing and deploying online testing system with SunRav WEB Class takes little time and effort.
The program allows administrators to create a wide variety of online tests, including the ones with multimedia support. To prevent unauthorized access or falsifying results, the program uses password protection and strong encryption algorithms.
The spectrum of possible applications for SunRav WEB Class is truly unlimited - remote education, assessing the results of training programs and seminars, applicants pre-screening, certification, and so on.
MySQL support feature enables administrators to build a variety of individual or group reports with any level of details. These reports quickly show which test topics generated the best results and which ones were mostly failed. Another advantage of using MySQL in conjunction with SunRav WEB Class is a capability to continuously tract performance of users to see whether they are progressing or not. Finally, MySQL database offers a wealth of opportunities to experienced administrators for processing results.

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